Summer School Study visits

Istog, 20 July 2019

The Summer School attendees, Let’s Do It Peja and the Innovation House in Istog, today have conducted several study visits to see examples of the implementation of sustainable development objectives in the municipality of Istog/k.

The group of youth beneficiary have visited several localities of interest in the Istog/k municipality and the surrounding area, such as IstogSpring, Vrellë, RadavcAgro Product in Sineja, etc. and have seen successful examples of sustainable development goals. Young students divided into six groups, each with a specific objective, are doing a field research and surveys with citizens. In conversation with officials in the Municipality of Istog/k, they were informed about the efforts of the municipality who answered their questions and concerns. In the village of Sineja, studentshave seen the private business with medicinal plants AgroProdukt, while in IstogSpring, Vrella and Radavc have seen the water management and the production of electricity from water.

Young people from two high schools in Istog/k, Gymnasium and Technical School, have attended ten days of lectures on the UN sustainable development objectives, and have seen them under implementation, where it is possible to see such examples in the Municipality of Istog/k.

Dejon Haxhijaj from Istog Gymnasium said that in school they do not learn enough about these topics, while the course has offered this opportunity both in theoretical and practical aspects. While DoruntinaBajramaj from the Technical School says that in reality these objectives are somewhat implemented somewhat less.

In 12-days Summer School, young people through lectures and outdoor activities have learned about sustainable development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The trainings are developed through modules, namely four modules in two days duration, as well asactivities in the external environment. The project is mainly focused on six environmental bjectives.

Majlinda Kelmendi, project leader, says that within the course, it is possible to offer students a more realistic picture by promoting active citizenship and advocacy approach to them. The project aims to raise the capacities, awareness and participation in decision-making of young peoplethrough active citizenship and the promotion of the application of sustainable development objectives for environmental protection.

The “Active Youth – Sustainable Development” project is part of ReLOaD Program, which is funded by the EU and Istog/kmunicipality and implemented by UNDP in Kosovo. The project opening ceremony was held last month with the participation of representatives of local government in Istog/k, civil society, and high school students of Istog/k.


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