Istog Summer School opening

The Summer School opened for the youth of the Municipality of Istog/k.

Istog/k, 08 July 2019

About 60 young people from the Istog/k  municipality are part of  the 12-day Summer School trainings that Let’s Do It Peja and the Innovation House in Istog/k have opened in the premises of the Innovation House.  Young people from Gymnasium and the Technical School have been selected in a process developed over the past months in the framework of the project “Active Youth – Sustainable Development”, which these two organizations implement with the support of the UNDP project RELOAD.

The Summer School will lasts 12 days and young people through lectures and outdoor activities will learn about sustainable development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The trainings will be developed through modules, four modules in two days duration and outdoor activities. The project is mainly focused on six environmental  objectives.

Urim Xharavina, director of NGO Let’s Do It Peja said that the whole project aims to raise the capacities of young people, their awareness and participation in decision-making through active citizenship and the promotion of the application of sustainable development objectives for environmental protection.

The group of beneficiary youths will conduct study visits in several localities of interest in the Istog/k municipality and its surroundings, such as Istog/k Water Source, Vrellë Water Mill, Radavc Water Power Plant, Agro Product in Sinj etc. to see successful examples of sustainable development being implemented. The youth groups divided into six groups, each with a specific objective, will conduct field research and citizen surveys.

Within the project, radio and TV debates will be held, for each of the six objectives of the UN SDG. Some radio information messages to the general public and organization of a roundtable with stakeholders are planned to happen. While by the end of the project through peer to peer training, the students themselves will train another 60 students.

The “Active Youth – Sustainable Development” project is financially supported by UNDP’s UNDP-led ReLOaD program, which is funded by the EU and Istog/k municipality. The project opening ceremony was held last month with the participation of representatives of local government in Istog/k, civil society, and high school students of Istog/k.

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